About Us

Woodfin Automotive began official operating in April of 1972, but the concept began much earlier. Larry Woodfin, owner, began working for the local Chevrolet dealer in Kilgore, TX the summer of 1962. This was his first “real” mechanic job, but the mechanical education began even earlier.

In his early teenage years, anything mechanical attracted his attention. Lawn mower engines, model air planes, scooters, cars, you name it; he liked it and want to know how it worked.

Those early lessons served him well and formed the basics that remain to this day, a natural knack and understanding of things mechanical.

In addition, Larry has a heart of service and understands the value of a good product. He has a loyal following in the Kilgore area of long time repeat customers. Those customers also recognize the value of service Woodfin provides.

Also, Larry is busy with local civic duties. He is a Board Trustee for Kilgore College. At his church he is known as “anchor” of the choir Bass section (although we are not sure if the anchor designation is good or bad).

In 1999 Woodfin conceived and organized a donor car program. With help from the Woodfin Automotive Crew, Kilgore College Automotive program, local parts stores, local service clubs and local churches, the program has placed about 30 cars in the hands of deserving citizens.

With many successful business owners, there is often a solid family background and this is true for Larry. His family provides vital pieces of the success story.

April 2014 marks 42 years of Woodfin Automotive, and they are devoted to going strong into the future!